How well connected is your infrastructure?

Our experienced data center controls team is offering a no-cost site walk-through and analysis to identify how your systems can - and should - connect.

Controls Analysis

Get a zero-cost professional engineering analysis of how well your data center systems are integrated.

What you'll get - at no cost

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Site-specific tonnage metrics

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Airflow management analysis

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Control system review for integration opportunities

Example of a data center control system dashboard


It's a free site analysis.

We'll provide the information - you decide what to do with it. You'll receive:

  • Control system analysis
  • Tonnage metrics
  • Airflow management review
  • Equipment evaluation for integration into one unified system
  • Capacity planning recommendation
  • Availability of utility incentives
  • Pricing estimates
Man standing in a data center


You'll gain site data with information for improving alarming and notification systems

Roof top fans powering a NYC data center


Get a better understanding of how to free-up capacity for more clients

Removal of 600 Ton Cooling Tower


Receive detailed information about how efficiency solutions can improve site redundancy

In their own words

Here's what our data center clients say about what we offer.

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 New Jersey Colocation Facility

"I can't believe how much information you get from a walk-through."

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 vXchnge Data Centers

"Fairbanks Energy Services was instrumental in helping us improve the efficiency of our Chappaqua data center and create optimal operating conditions for our customers."

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 zColo - Zayo Colocation

"Fairbanks Energy has played an important role in helping us meet our energy savings and cost reduction goals."


We've engineered custom designs for dozens of facilities

  • Connected BMS to all CRAH units for automatic response to thermal needs or emergency
  • Installed airflow management projects incorporating physical best practices such as containment and directional airflow techniques with sensoring and BMS integration to create intelligent, efficient use of whitespace
  • Designed LED lighting controls to group fixtures based on colocation client cage configurations
  • Retrofitted rooftop units with custom VFD designs to ramp up and down based on load demand
  • Qualified hundreds of projects for data center utility incentives to help cover project cost

Looking for better infrastructure integration? Your search is over.

Our data center team has the expertise to identify and integrate dozens of equipment types and varying systems into one, custom controls system.

It starts with our no-cost, data center controls analysis.