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Fairbanks Energy Services sources $727,000 in incentives for energy efficiency upgrades at Massachusetts General Hospital

Written By: Stratton Report
FEBRUARY 7, 2017

On February 7, Fairbanks Energy Services, a developer of C&I efficiency projects announced the completion of more than 20 energy efficiency projects at Massachusetts General Hospital .

Per Fairbanks Energy, the firm has secured a total of $727,000 in Eversource and National Grid utility incentives for MGH by engineering and implementing numerous LED lighting and advanced controls retrofits throughout a variety of the hospital’s buildings on its main campus, in addition to other efficiency enhancements in its facilities throughout Boston.

Since 2014, Fairbanks Energy has contracted with MGH under their Strategic Energy Master Plan. The firm’s engineering team claims completion on 22 LED lighting projects to date.

Most recently, per Fairbanks, the firm has completed a lighting and advanced controls retrofit at MGH’s Yawkey Building, reducing energy by 445,000 kWh annually.To help maximize ROI, efficiency engineers at Fairbanks Energy Services secured $81,000 in Eversource utility incentives for the project, culminating in a payback of less than 2 years.

Ross Fairbanks, COO, Fairbanks Energy Services noted:

Fairbanks Energy Services is honored to have worked with MGH on many efficiency projects over the last several years, and we are excited that these projects have created a positive impact on their staff, patients, and guests. By working closely with the hospital, we have been able to help conserve their energy usage while also utilizing one of the country’s most robust utility incentive programs to provide a great project ROI. 

Image from Fairbanks Energy Services 


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